Matte: credits, thanks, etc.

Matte is open source software, and wouldn't be possible if not for some great open source software created by others. This page lists the open source software that Matte uses. Much thanks to all of these projects!

For in-memory and on-disk caches, Matte uses Ehcache.
The Graphic Layers Framework from the old Java 2D API Graphics book is used for rendering some effects.
The Hibernate OR persistence framework is used by Matte.
HyperJAXB 2
I've used HyperJAXB often on projects, and HyperJAXB 2 is an excellent platform for building XML-based relational Java applications.
Jakarta Commons
The Apache Jakarta Commons project provides many, many useful Java packages. Matte uses Codec and Lang.
Matte uses the org.json JSON library for working with JSON data.
Apache's Log4j package is used for logging services.
The amazing Apache Lucene package is used for indexing/searching capabilities.
For extracting metadata from media files Matte uses sMeta.
Spring Framework
The Spring framework serves as the overall application framework.
Tomcat Compression
For HTTP response encoding into gzip/zip, Mattes uses the CompressionFilter that ships as an example with Apache Tomcat.

Matte was developed with the help of other open source software, including:

There would be no sanity in the Java world were it not for Ant.
The fantastic Java IDE.
The one, the only: JUnit.
Spring IDE for Eclipse
The Spring IDE for Eclipse made working with Spring that much easier within Eclipse.
The Apache Tomcat servlet container is used to run Matte. Logo