Matte: iPhoto Export Plugin 1.1

If you have a Mac and use iPhoto to organize your photos into albums, you can download and install the Matte iPhoto Export Plugin which will allow you to export albums easily into Matte, preserving your albums, photo names, comments, keywords and ratings.


The plugin requires the following:

OS X 10.6
This plugin has been tested on OS X 10.6 on an Intel Mac.
iPhoto 7 ('08)
The plugin requires iPhoto 7 (iPhoto ’08) or later to run.
Matte 1.4
The plugin requires a running instance of Matte 1.4 or later to export the photos to.

Installing the plugin

Once you've downloaded the Matte iPhoto Export Plugin disk image, mount the disk image by double-clicking on it. Then copy the MatteiPhotoExport.iPhotoExporter folder included in this release into the ~/Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins folder (create these folders if they do not exist).

Performing the export from iPhoto

Follow these steps to export an album from iPhoto:

Select album to export in iPhoto

Click on the album you want to export in iPhoto. This can be any album, including "smart" albums. Note that nested albums will not be exported.

Selecting album to export in iPhoto
Selecting album to export in iPhoto.

Start export

Choose to the File > Export menu in iPhoto, and then the Matte tab in the Export Photos dialog that appears.

The Matte iPhoto Export dialog
The Matte iPhoto Export dialog

Update the settings in the export window to your liking and then click the Export button.

The export plugin will then export the album and upload them directly into Matte. After the upload completes, you will have the photos and movies available in Matte, ready to be shared. Login to Matte to publish the items. Logo