Screen shots

Here are some screen shots that highlight some of the features of Media Album. Please note that some screens might be outdated as they were taken in older versions of Media Album.

Screen shots running in Media Album

You can view some screen shots of Media Album served by Media Album itself. The following album slide shows are running the Woosh theme which is compatible with most modern browsers:

Library management
This album shows the administration parts of Media Album: uploading media, creating and managing albums, creating and managing friends and groups, generating URLs to share albums with friends, etc. View Media Album management
Browsing and viewing album slide shows
This album shows the various features available for browsing Media Album libraries and albums. It shows different themes applied to albums so you can see how varied browsing can appear. View Media Album browsing

Sample screen shots

Here are some sample screen shots as well. Click on any thumbnail for a full-size image.

Admininstration Home Administration: Collection
Administration home page. The administration screens allow you to manage your media collection, upload new media, and manage your personal settings. Managing a collection. Media Album organizes collections of photos into collections. Collections are used to help organize large collections of media items.
Admininstration: Album Friends & Groups
Managing an album. An album is a collection of photos from any number of collections that you can organize and share with other people. Managing friends and groups. You can share albums with everybody or with other Media Album users called friends. You can organize collections of friends into groups and share albums with the entire group.
Album sharing Organizing album
Sharing an album. You can share albums with anybody (anonymously) or specify specific friends and/or groups to share with. Media Album will generate a URL for you that you can send to those you want to share the album with. Organizing an album. You can add media from any collection and have the album ordered for you (for example by date) or manually order the media items.
Upload media Browsing
Uploading media. Adding photos or movies is easy, just upload individual media items or a zip file containing media items. Media Album can even automatically create albums for you. Browsing entire media collection. You can browse your entire media collection, and other users can browse your shared media. Media Album provides various browse modes, for example browse by date, by rating, or by popularity.
Album slideshow Dynamic browse settings
Album slide show. You can view your albums in a slide show mode. Dynamic browse settings. You can choose view settings to accommodate your internet connection speed. Viewing over a modem connection? Choose smaller images and lower quality. Viewing over a broadband connection? Choose larger images and higher quality. Media Album will generate optimized media content for you on the fly.