Matte: Add Files Applet Guide

This guide describes how to deploy the Matte Add Files Java applet to your existing Matte application. The Add Files applet provides an easier way for users to upload files, without the need of manually creating zip archives to upload multiple files at once.

Matte Add Files applet
The Matte Add Files applet.

You must have successfully deployed Matte before continuing with this guide. See the Installation Guide for help deploying Matte for the first time.

Download the Matte Add Files Applet

Download the Matte Add Files applet from SourceForge.

Sign the applet JAR

Since the applet must be allowed to access the user's file system, it must be digitally signed. Otherwise the browser will not allow the applet to access any files. In the Add Files archive you just downloaded you'll find a matte-upload-applet.jar file. This is the applet code that needs to be signed.

The actual steps requried for signing are outside the scope of this guide. The most common method of signing the JAR file is to use the jarsigner application that ships with the Sun Java JDK. Sun has ample information available about the Java security tools, and about signing JARs more specifically.

Copy signed applet JAR into Matte's applet folder

The Matte webapp contains a folder named applet. If you have expanded the Matte WAR file, copy the signed matte-upload-applet.jar file into this folder. Otherwise, un-jar (or un-zip) the Matte WAR file, copy the signed mappe-upload-applet.jar into the applet folder, and re-jar (or re-zip) the WAR.

Enable the Add Files applet

To enable the applet to be used, use the Matte Setup Wizard to turn on this feature. Or you can manually modify the WEB-INF/classes/ file in the Matte WAR by changing the feature.upload.applet peroperty to true.

Restart Matte

After making these changes, you'll have to restart Matte for them to take effect. Logo