Matte: screen shots

Here are some screen shots that highlight some of the features of Matte.

Matte main UI Upload media files
Matte: Matte has a simple and uncluttered interface for working with your media items (photos, movies, songs, etc), reminiscent of some desktop photo organization applications. Upload media files: Adding media is simple to do. Individual files or a zip archive of many files can be uploaded. In the case of a zip archive, Matte will process them in the background and keep you informed on its progress while you do other things.
Drag and drop organization Publish your albums
Drag and drop organization: Organizing your items into albums is easy with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Simply select the items you want to add to an album and drag them to that album. Publish your albums: Sharing albums with your friends and family is easy. Albums can be published with a few clicks and the look and feel of the published albums can be customized with different themes.
Browseable album index Shared album RSS feed
Shared album index: Shared albums are also published in a browse-able album index. This allows you to share a single URL with your friends and family for them to bookmark and view all your shared albums. Shared album feed: The shared album index also publishes your shared albums as a web feed so your friends and family can subscribe to your shared albums and be automatically notified when new albums are available for viewing.
MP3 support Video support
MP3 support: Matte can handle MP3 audio files, extracting the song information and album cover if available. This screen shot shows Matte displaying an album cover image and other information from a MP3 file. Video support: Matte can handle video files, extracting track information and even a poster (still frame) if available. This screen shot shows Matte displaying a poster image and other information from a MPEG-4 file.
SVG support JPEG-2000 support
SVG support: Matte can handle Scalable Vector Graphic image files, rendering them as PNG images when viewing them sized to particular dimensions. This screen shot shows Matte displaying an SVG image in a published album. JPEG-2000 support: Matte can return JPEG-2000 images when resizing images for browsers that support it natively (such as Safari). The JPEG-2000 format produces images with higher quality and smaller size when compared to regular JPEG images.
Quick search
Nested albums
Quick search: Finding your items is fast and easy with Matte's searching capabilities. Nested albums: Albums can be nested for better organization, and then all albums can be shared with a single URL.
Sort child albums
Nested albums
Sort albums: Now you can specify the ordering of nested albums, with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Shared album search: The default shared album index theme now supports an easy-to-use search interface for quickly finding shared items.
Sort child albums
Alternate browse modes
Preview items: The organization screen includes a preview pane for quickly viewing a larger version of any item. Clicking on the preview image opens a new, full-size preview in a separate window. Alternate browse modes: Matte supports "browse mode" plugins for viewing your shared media items in other ways than your personally-created albums. Matte comes with two plugins: popularity (to view your items arranged by how many times they have been viewed) and average rating (to view your items arranged by the average rating users have assigned).
3-D "bump map" watermark your images
Search with more options
Watermark: Matte can apply a "watermark" to your images, to discourage people from using your images without permission. The watermark can be any image you create, and Matte can be configured to create a 3-D "bump map" or simply "stamp" the watermark image onto your items. Advanced search: Refine your search with more options, such as a date range.
Add Files Applet
Image GPS support
Add Files Applet: You can deploy a special Java applet to make uploading files into Matte easier. The applet lets you choose any number of files (or entire folders) and can upload those directly into Matte. Combining this with the Auto Album feature allows you to easily turn folders into Matte albums. Image GPS support: For images with embedded GPS metadata, Matte will display the latitude/longitude of the image along with a link to that location in Google Maps. Logo