Matte: share your photos, movies, and more

Matte is a free web-based photo, movie, and audio organization and publishing application. It allows you to upload pictures, movies, and songs to your web site and organize them into albums which you can then publish for other people to view.

There are many photo/movie publishing tools available today. The primary goals for Matte are to:

If you'd like to share your own photos/music/movies on your own website for your family and friends, Matte might be right for you. You need your own server to run Matte on, and just a little bit of geekness to get it running.

Matte is the evolution of Media Album. The old Media Album software is still available for download and the old website is available here.

Live Demo

Visit the Live Demo download page to download a complete, pre-configured Matte application which you can run without any setup or requirements other than a Java 5 Runtime Environment or later. This can give you a good idea of how Matte works and be used as a starting point for configuring Matte for your own use.

Project Info / Support

The Matte project page on SourceForge contains project info. For support, visit the Matte Tracker page where you can request support or file a bug report. Logo