Credits, thanks, etc.

Media Album is open source software, and wouldn't be possible if not for some great open source software created by others. This page lists the open source software that Media Album uses. Much thanks to all of these projects!

Castor XML
The Castor project has been used to provide Java XML data binding.
Crystal SVG icons
Some Crystal SVG icons are included with Media Album.
GLF library
This library, developed by Vincent J. Hardy from Sun Microsystems, came with his book Java 2D API Graphics. This library made applying bump-mapped watermarks a breeze!
GNU getopt
The GNU getopt package is used for command line parsing.
GNU regular expressions
The GNU regexp package is used for regular expression support.
Java ID3 Tag Library
This ID3 reader is used to extract ID3 data from MP3 audio files.
Apache's Log4j package is used for logging services.
The Apache Jakarta Lucene package is used for indexing/searching capabilities.
Metadata Extractor
Drew Noakes's EXIF reader used to extract EXIF data from JPEG images.
The Apache Jakarta Struts framework is used to extensively by Media Album.
Apache's Xalan XSLT processor is used for generating HTML from XML.
Apache's Xerces XML parser is used extensively for handling XML.

Media Album was developed with the help of other open source software, including:

The fantastic Java IDE.
The one, the only: JUnit.
The Apache Jakarta Tomcat servlet container is used to run Media Album.
Tomcat plugin for Eclipse
The Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat plugin makes developing servlet applications a much more enjoyable experience.

Finally, the following folks have contributed in one way or another:

Brahm Windeler
Creator of the great Woosh theme and heaps of constructive criticism.