Test drive Media Album

Here are various links you can use to test drive Media Album. Be warned that this is a development server and could be restarted without warning. In practice this is infrequent and only to install a new version of Media Album.

You can view some album slide shows with these links:

You can try out browsing a Media Album library with these links:

Browse Library
Browse Library, by date
Browse Library, by average user rating
Browse Library, by popularity

You can try out managing the Media Album library you browsed above by going to http://msqr.us/ma/ and logging in with the user name test and the password test. Note: the management mode has some browser dependencies and is only known to fully function in Mozilla, Netscape 7, Safari, and Konqueror. If you want to test out your own library register for your own account by clicking the register link from the log in page.